Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hacking Music videos

Do you know how to hack the musical videos from websites

You guys wanna a download the all types of music videos from Yahoo like that websites.Just follow me with steps....

Just go through by this link

after that you may see the "Downloads" sub link in that same page

and download or go through the "LyFox" website by link.

I hope you got it

Just download VLC Player for your Operating System from here

Open LyFox, and type in an artist name or song title. Once you find the specific song you are
looking for double click it,and LyFox will produce an MMS: link at the bottom of the screen.
Click on File|Copy URL.

Open VLC, and click on File|Open Network Stream. Select the Radio button for "HTTP / FTP / MMS / RTSP" and paste the copied URL into the "HTTP / FTP / MMS / RTSP" Field. At the bottom of that screen select the "Stream Output", and click on settings. Select the button for "File", and then "Dump Raw Input". Then click "Browse", and navigate to the folder that you want do download the video to, and name the new file, ending with .WMV. Press OK, on all the open screens. VLC will run, and the video will be downloaded in the folder specified.

All the best

download the songs as you want!!!!!!

enjoy ...

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