Wednesday, January 16, 2008

hindhi Tasty

I am really enjoying with these songs while i was boring. so i plan to share my superb video collection with all. that is why i made this post.i hope you people watching this videos they will get surely relax.

1 . Pehle to Kabhi Kabhi

2. Aakahae hi na royeer

3. Dil Ka Hal Sumae Dilwa

4. Aaj Ki Raat Na Jaa

5. Jaa Bewafa Jaa

6. Koi Patthar See ha

7. JnDakani ki Din

8. Jaa See Dhoor Laage

9. Ya Milnae Pangae

10. Meady

11. Rooth hae Pooln Ki


Data Sharing and Querying for Peer-to-Peer Data Management Systems

Just know about advantages in Peer-to-Peer .....

Peer-to-peer computing consists of an open-ended network of distributed computational peers, where each peer shares data and services with a set of other peers, called its acquaintances. The peer-to-peer paradigm was initially popularized by file-sharing systems such as Napster and Gnutella, but its basic ideas and principles have now found their way into more critical and complex data-sharing applications like those for electronic medical records and scientific data. In such environments, data sharing poses new challenges mainly due to the lack of centralized control, the transient nature of inter-peer connections, and the limited, ever-changing cooperation among the peers. In the seminar we can present new solutions for data sharing and querying in a peer-to-peer data management system, that is, a peer-to-peer system where each peer manages its own database. The solutions are motivated by considering data sharing requirements of independent biological data sources. To support data sharing in such a setting, I propose the use of mapping tables containing pairs of corresponding data values that reside in different peers. I illustrate how automated tools can help manage the tables by checking their consistency and by inferring new tables from existing ones. To support structured querying, I propose a framework in which local user queries are translated, through mapping tables, to a set of queries over the acquainted peers. Finally, I present optimization techniques that enable an efficient rewriting even over large mapping tables. The proposed mechanisms have been implemented and evaluated experimentally and constitute the foundation of a prototype implementation of an architecture for peer-to-peer data management.

Do you want to more about Peer-to-Peer and applications.,

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hacking Rapidshare

Hi Guys,I think, you know very well about Rapidshare. we can get more things from there.but we should have a Premium Account, then only you can use the full futures of the Rapidshare otherwise you have to wait for timer to download you requested files and many other restrictions is there.

Can we hack Rapidshare?
Yes Friends,that is possibile with few tools

1.USDownloader-v 20.11

Download Here

2.Bye-Bye Rapid (Download Unlimited From Rapid)

Download Here

3. CryptLoad

Requirement: .Net Framework 2.0 or Higher
you can get it from ""

Download Here

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Get Back Your Lost Data

Hi Friends,
Just i want to give you some useful softwares about your lost data.yes my friends
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