Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Play Online Games in Offline

Do you want to play flash games offline?

Here i will show you how to download flash games to your PC and then how to play them offline in just 3 steps lets go....,

1. Download Flash Games

you can just go to the site called File2HD and let it get the game file for you.

File2HD can help you download flash games from most of the online gaming sites.

So how does it work:

1. Go to the page with the flash game you want to download.

2. Copy the page URL and paste it into File2HD.

3. Set ‘Filter’ to ‘Objects’ option and click on ‘Get Files’ button.

4. Next, File2HD should retrieve the direct link to the game file.

download flash games

5. Right click on the link an use ‘Save Link As’ option to save the game to your computer.

2. Play Flash Games Offline

Once you have the game files on your system you can use a simple freeware program calledFlashOffliner (Windows only) to take those raw .swf flash files, turn them into playable games, and neatly organize them under one menu.

Here are the steps you need to do:

1. Download and Install FlashOffliner.

Flash Offliner

The FlashOffliner setup comes with 2 games by default and 3 more that can be added later. If you want to install them as well then check step 4.

2. Once you have FlashOffliner up and running, you should see a new icon in the taskbar. Right click on the icon to see the list of available games and program options.

games offline

3. It takes two steps to add a downloaded flash game to your FlashOffliner games list. The first thing you need to do is click on the ‘Create New Flash Offliner Package’ and then point it to the downloaded file. Then you will be asked to name your new game and for a couple of more optional details. At the end it should create game_name.fop file for you.

4. Again right click on the FlashOffliner icon and this time select the ‘Install FlashOffliner Option’. Point the app to the newly created game_name.fop file to “install” the game.

5. This will install the game and add it to your FlashOffliner games. See screenshot below.

Flash Offliner - flash games offline

That’s about it, now you can simply click on the game of your choice and play it offline right on your desktop. By default the game window size is set to 800×600 but you can easily resize it to 400×300, 640×480, 1024×768 or Full Screen mode.

play flash games offline

Enjoy ! !!!!

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