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PIT Magic is the All In One solution for Creating, Editing and Analyzing Samsung PIT Files.

What are Samsung PIT Files?
PIT files contain the Partition Information Table (PIT) for Samsung Android phones. Different firmware versions may require different partition layouts so the necessary PIT file 'tells' Odin how to set up the phone partitions correctly for the specified firmware to be installed.
The PIT file contains all the relevant information for each required partition such as Partition Name, Flash File Name, Block Size, Block Count etc. and also contains some unknown properties that maybe identifiers or flags of some sort.


Big thanks to Benjamin Dobell and Adam Outler for their extensive knowledge. I have read alot of threads where I found all of your comments regarding pit files very useful.

PIT Magic's Main Features:

Create New PIT Files from scratch.
Edit Existing PIT Files and change all available properties.
Analyze a PIT File and create a human readable report of all Partition entries.
Export PIT Analysis to Text File or Copy to Clipboard direct from the User Interface.
Add or Remove Partition entries to a New or Existing PIT File.
Save options to write changes to Existing PIT File or write a New PIT File altogether.


Download Link: (Dev-Host)


Please Note: PIT Magic requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed on your PC.
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7

Whats NEW in PIT Magic v1.3.10
1. Removed Unknown PIT File Properties #1 to #8 and replaced with 5 Dummy Data Blocks consisting of 4 bytes each as per the Samsung PIT File Specification.
2. Changed the 'Unknown PIT File Properties' Group to PIT File Header Information.
3. Added Option to Display Dummy Data in String or Hexadecimal Format.
4. Fixed a bug with the Reset Form Button. Now it will undo changes made to the PIT File Header Dummy Data fields as well as the currently selected PIT Entry.
5. Changed the layout of the User Interface and made a few slight cosmetic adjustments.
6. Changed the layout of the PIT File Analysis Report to reflect the changes to the PIT Header Information.
7. Fixed a few bugs regarding loading and saving of PIT Files in the User Interface.
8. Removed some redundant and duplicated code and tidied it up in a few places.
9. Fixed PIT File Modified prompt when Creating New / Open Existing / Exit Application. Changes made are now detected properly including to PIT Header Information.
Whats NEW in PIT Magic v1.1.4
1. Changed File Name to Flash File Name and Added FOTA File Name.
2. Changed Chip Identifier to Binary Type.
3. Changed Partition Identifier to Device Type.
4. Changed Partition Flags to Identifier.
5. Changed Unused to Attribute.
6. Changed Unknown #1 in PIT Entry to Update Attribute.
7. Changed Unknown #2 to File Offset and Unknown #3 to File Size. (Obsolete PIT Parameters).
8. Added Thousand separator text formatting to Block Size and Block Count in the User Interface and Analysis UI.
9. Updated User Interface and fixed a few file modified detection bugs that failed to prompt user to save changes on Exit / Open / New.
10. Fixed a Null Reference bug when cancelling 'Save As...' Dialog.
Whats NEW in PIT Magic v1.0.8
Initial Release.


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