Friday, January 18, 2013

Removing built-in subtitles from MKV

Removing built-in subtitles from MKV

First you need a small app called MKVmergeGUI (for mkvtoolnix 3.0). or here

You load your MKV video by clicking Add.

Then you deselect subtitle track (S_TEXT/UTF8).

Then click Start Muxing.

In a couple of minutes you have a MKV video without subtitles.

2. Extracting built-in subtitles from MKV

For this you need to use MKVextractGUI.

Load your video in Input.

Select subtitle track (S_TEXT/UTF8) in Content.

Click Extract.

In under a minute you will have .srt subtitle from that video.

These subs will work with MKV video if you removed them as stated in 1. or with AVI if you convert original MKV to AVI.

As you might have noticed, you can also extract Video and Audio this way.

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