Monday, January 21, 2013

Successfull UnBrick'ed /EMMC /DATA using hg42's PIT

PLEASE READ "hg42's" THREAD so you can fully understand how to safely "isolate" the bad sector/blocks and unbrick your device.
PIT file method to revive your phone from a MMC_CAP_ERASE brick
[recovery-app Partition scanner (mainly for emmc bricks)]
My friend has an N7000 16GB, she flashed a lot of custom rom's on the phone and then she realised she has about 5 gb of internal storage , i told her to format and flash an official rom. That's what bricked the phone, i've took the phone and started reading the forum and this is what i did.
- i've downloaded 4pda_kernel and flashed via ODIN so i can have acces to recovery CWM
- then i entered recovery , and under mounts and storage i could not mount or format /data , /emmc
- i downloaded hg42 Partition Scanner witch is "flashable" via CWM
- i runned the scanner START to END (1>16000) and END to START (16000>1) so i could identify the bad sectors / bricked blocks
- START>END stopped at 2184 MB , END>START stopped at 4265 so the bad blocks ar from 2184 to 4265 .
- then i got the modified PIT in my chase (N7000_16GB_Q1_20110914--patched--brick-between-01174-and-04395-MB--DATAFS-moved-by-03072-MiB) from hg42's THREAD and flashed it via odin and an official firmware (N7000_XXKL8) everything worked flawless.


Source copied from Public for Awareness.

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