Friday, February 8, 2013

What is special in GemStone - GemFire?

I hope you guys spend some time with previous posts which is describing about GemFire so I would like to dedicate this post to talk about features of GemFire.
Features of GemFire :
GemStone GemFire, an in-memory object caching system pluggable into any JVM. GemFire is intended to provide a zero-latency object cache for applications running on multiple JVMs.
GemFire uses Operating System style shared-memory techniques, which offers real time performance by eliminating disk and network bottlenecks.
GemStone GemFire, zero-latency performance software that significantly improves the performance and scalability of real-time business applications, enabling customers to make split-second business decisions, immediately adapt to market changes and increase user and system productivity.
GemFire is the first product to allow data to be shared across multiple Java™ virtual machines at the application level using shared-memory techniques, which offers breakthrough performance by eliminating disk and network bottlenecks.
GemFire will make it easy for developers to integrate shared-memory technology incrementally into existing Java, C and C++ architectures without overhaul to the application, and build it into new applications without having to learn the intricacies of shared-memory programming.
GemFire Offers Features to Enhance Performance, Administration and Development
GemFire Increases Performance:
· Uses shared memory for sharing data, object change notification, thread synchronization and garbage collection across multiple virtual machines to significantly increase the performance of applications
· Enables the creation, access or manipulation of shared data from thousands of concurrently executing application components at in-memory speeds
· Optimizes general-purpose programming commands for fast, safe performance in high-volume environments
· Reduces unnecessary database communication on a customer’s systems as much as 98 % and is over 40x faster
GemFire Reduces Administration Time and Costs:
· Automatic garbage collection of the shared-memory object space
· Console for configuration, starting and stopping GemFire
· Unobtrusive, fast performance monitoring of both system and application-defined statistics
· Can be introduced into an existing architecture incrementally without overhaul to the application
GemFire Enables Faster Time to Market for Java Developers:
· Expresses shared memory capabilities in familiar Java form, so developers don’t need to learn shared-memory programming
· Provides an off-the-shelf software component that can be incrementally integrated into existing architectures and built into new applications
· Extends the simple Java synchronization model without additional programming
· The desired high-performance in applications can be realized with simple programming ensuring high developer productivity and fast deployment of business applications.

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