Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How To Remove Windows License Valid For 90 days From Win 8 Enterprise Eval

Step 1 - Run My Wcp Watermark Editor As Administrator
And Change Setting
Edition - Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation
Build - %ws Build %ws
Start Mode (Test/Safe)
Test Mode
Safe Mode
Restriction Note
Evaluation Copy
For Testing Purpose Only
Edition - Windows 8 Enterprise (Erase Evaluation)
Build - %ws Build %ws
Start Mode (Test/Safe)
Erase Test Mode and nothing write here
Erase Safe Mode and nothing write here
Restriction Note
Erase Evaluation Copy and nothing write here
Erase For Testing Purpose Only and nothing write here
Step 2
Run Windows 8 Eval 2 Kms(x64\x32) As Administrator
and click Install
Step 3
Run FIX_P8.25 As Administrator
After Applying Whole Process Your Windows 8 Enterprise Is Permanently Activated
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