Saturday, May 25, 2013

Windows 8 - ADB/fastboot driver issue FIX !!!


After installing Windows 8, you cannot install fastboot drivers, but it recognizes the ADB drivers...
1. Open the dev-manager, by typing following, in a command prompt window, or the run dialog. Whichever you prefer... :

Code: devmgmt.msc

Now, the device manager, should pop up.
2. Install ADB drivers, (If you do not have them present, download them here)
To prevent confusion: When I say install, it can mean unpack, or install... Quick tip: An installer does nothing, apart from unpacking files, to allocated space, on your computer 
Download USB drivers, from here. (Link fixed. Again (-_-") )

Should you NOT have drivers installed:
3. Install the USB drivers, and download ADB/fastboot drivers.
4. Installation of ADB/fastboot drivers:
     Open the device manager, and look for "Samsung Mobile Device", or "Unidentified Device". You can   make your search easier, by unplugging the phone, whilst in device manager, then plug it back in, and see what's changed...
Once you have found your phone, Perform a right-click, on the device. Select : "Update device drivers", once the dialog has popped up, choose "Browse my computer" and goto your desktop, where you have installed the files to.
Open just the "drivers" folder, nothing else...
Select OK, then wait for installation to finish.
Once that has been done, you need to reboot your device, into bootloader mode; do this by typing


adb reboot-bootloader

into the command prompt (download & install this, if you want to do it the cmd-way...)
Or, turn off your phone, and reboot i it manually into bootloader-mode, by pressing



together, until phone vibrates...
Once the phone is in boot loader, go back to the device manager, and look for a device named "android 1.0". Perform a right-click on this and select "Update device drivers". Again, select "Browse my computer", but, instead of clicking on "Browse" and selecting the folder, again, select "Let me pick from a list of drivers." Once the menu has popped up, select "Samsung Android ADB interface". Click OK, and wait for the drivers to install . Then, you're done. You have then successfully installed the ADB + fastboot drivers correctly, to test this, open a cmd window, and type following:


fastboot devices

If your device shows up, then you have done it!!
Now type:


fastboot reboot
adb wait-for-device
adb kill-server

Note: while the phone is booting (If you typed "adb wait-for-device") A cursor will blink, wait for that, to stop blinking, then type the next command

I hope you learned, from this tutorial!! Check out Beatsleigher & M4gkman's Universal Android Toolkit, if you have enough time

Should you have problems, in recovery, open your dev. manager, and look for following device:



Select, right-click. Update driver (blah, blah, witter, droan)
Browse my computer -> Let me pick -> Samsung ADB -> Done. You have enabled the ADB drivers, on your Android Device!!!!


Thanks to Senior member OP

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