Saturday, June 22, 2013

OpenDNS Family Shield makes it easier to block porn from your kids' computers


OpenDNS is a great service for a number of reasons, and today there's one more. If you're a concerned parent, they're now making it super-easy to block porn from all the computers in your home.
The new offering is called FamilyShield, and it's just as easy to get working as the original OpenDNS service. Full instructions are provided on the official site, and they'll walk you through setting up FamilyShield either on your computers or on your router. Opt for the router method if you're comfortable -- it's really not too complicated, and instructions are provided for 18 different brands of routers and dozens of different models.
Once you've configured the OpenDNS FamilyShield servers, they take care of the rest -- constantly updating their files to block additional sites. As they point out on their official blog post, it's fairly difficult to get around FamilyShield's access-blocking abilities.
That's not to say it's impossible -- there's always a way, but FamilyShield is certainly an excellent first line of defense if you're looking for a way to keep porn off your computers.

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