Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How gfsh Commands differs in vFabric GemFire 7.0 compare to Previous versions

The following table provides a mapping of previous GemFire commands (for example, gemfire, cacheserver, start locator, and so on) to new gfsh commands

Previous Command GemFire 7.0 gfsh Command
Old (pre-7.0) gfsh Commands
bcp export data --to-file=...
import data --from-file=...
clear remove --all
connect connect
debug enable with options --error-details and --logging-level
deploy deploy
fetch environment variable APP_FETCH_SIZE
gc gc
get get
index create index
destroy index
list index
key get/put/locate entry commands with option --key-class
ls describe region
describe member
list members
list regions
show config
mkdir create region
next implicit with select
put put
pwd environment variable APP_CONTEXT_PATH (Read only)
rebalance rebalance
rm remove
rmdir destroy region
select select
show With environment variables
value get/put commands with option -value-class
which locate entry
Old (pre-7.0) cacheserver Commands
cacheserver start start server
cacheserver status status server
cacheserver stop stop server
Old (pre-7.0) gemfire Commands
gemfire backup-disk-store (online command) export disk-store
gemfire compact-all-disk-store (online command) compact disk-store
gemfire compact-disk-store (offline command) compact offline-disk-store
gemfire info-locator describe member (with --name to identify locator)
gemfire list-missing-disk-stores (online command) show missing-disk-stores
gemfire modify-disk-store (offline command) alter disk-store
gemfire revoke-missing-disk-store (online command) revoke missing-disk-store
gemfire start-locator start locator
gemfire status-locator status locator
gemfire stop-locator stop locator
gemfire shutdown-all-members (online command) shutdown
gemfire validate-disk-store (offline command) validate disk-store

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