Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fix - Windows 8 Restart & Shutdown Problem


Is your Windows 8 restarting or shutdown automatically in sometime ?

Is your windows 8 restarting or hanging while you are getting into login screen ?

Is your windows 8 hanging while rebooting or shutting down often or very rare ?


Yes you are in the right place now,

Note :-  This is happening due to the new feature which is introduced with windows 8 called Hybrid.

It helps windows 8 to boot very quickly by hibernating the Kernel session on the same state.

Unfortunately for some reason due to compatibility issues its not working perfectly with all hardware.

Please follow the below instructions to fix:-

Step 1.    Go to RUN wizard by pressing “ Windows Key + R “   ( or anyway that you feel comfort)

                type : “powercfg.cpl “ and hit Ok button


Step 2.   Choose the below option. “Choose what the power button does”



Step 3. It will bring the below page

             (1)  Enable the “Change settings that are currently unavailable “.

             (2)  Just Uncheck the “ Turn on fast startup (recommended) “ .


Step 4.  “Save Changes “       and    Restart    to take effect.


Enjoy using windows 8 …,

Write to me for clarifications.

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