Friday, October 4, 2013

How to Remove All Pre-Installed Windows 8 Metro Apps


Today I want to share the very simple steps to remove All Metro apps.

It will be very useful for people who don’t like this feature in windows8.

Let me jump to procedure…,

Are you want to remove all Metro apps permanently ?

No worries you can get the all metro apps by creating new user (but apps will be only under new user profile)

Steps to follow….,

1. Open powershell with Administrator rights.(type “powershell” on search bar & right click that to choose open with Administrator.

2. type “Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers” and hit enter


3.  You want to remove all metro apps right ?

type “Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage” and hit enter.

You all done

If you want to stop the re appearance of Metro apps while creating New User?  just execute the below comment.

“Get-AppXProvisionedPackage -online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage –online” 

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