Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to root Android x86 4.3


There are familiar ways available to get root your Android devices but today I would like to share the procedure to root your Android 4.3 x86 yeah on your Desktop / Laptop / VMware / Virtual Box.

Actually this x86 based Android editions giving easy interface to people to choose consoles by pressing “Alt + F1” and  combination of Alt + F1 / F2 F3.



1. Download the rooting script here 

    ( you can directly download this in your Android and use ES File manager to extract)

2. Extract the zip on your Android and remember the path

3. Change your directory to the Extracted folder

     Ex:- “ # cd /sdcard/Download/Androidx86root “   ( in my case)

4. Run this command “ # sh

    and follow the instructions on your screen , yeah just say yes for 2 questions then you will see the prompt to restart as the rooting is done.


Write me for questions .

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