Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hosting websites from any Windows Machine

Recently I came across the situation in my friends circle, there is a requirement to host  a demonstration site in a laptop / desktop machine which is running any version of Windows and the site should be available over the internet by typing the appropriate site name.
In this post I assume that you have basic knowledge of DNS .
Is it possible ?
Yeah Its absolutely possible ,When I told this my friends started to laughing at me.
anyway I have proven to them but I have decided to write a post regarding this to give some idea about this situation so that people can have some idea who don’t know already.
There is an other way to make this work with out using any software If you are ready to use Windows Server editions keep reading my site often so that you can read my other post which will explain about configuration in Server editions.(soon)

There are few providers giving this option with 24/7 support but here I am just going to talk about only 2 top level providers.
No-IP   and  Dyn

Step 1  You need to host a site in your local machine does not matter whether you are using IIS or  Apache Tomcat.
Please confirm its hosted properly by typing localhost from your browser. if it working then you are good to go…,
Step 2  Choose which provider (NOIP or DYN) you want to use it, but process is same for both.
in this post I am using NOIP because I am an existing user.

  • Login with your account
  • Choose your DNS        (based on your budget)
  • Download the client & Install where you are exactly hosted your site.
  • Login from the installed application


Step 3    Edit Hosts like below to manage your existing DNS

and select your DNS say “Save” like below screen.


You are done!

Now you can check your site from any device over internet.(some times it will take max 4 hours to take effect)

Demo by No-IP




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