Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Track who is copying your content ?


People are trying hard to share the knowledge with others and want make money on that but some people are using to copy their contents from their blog or site simply and they are getting top ranking on Search engines.

I feel this is the headache of most of the people ? lets know about Tynt service for your cure.

Tynt are providing 2 different types of service or solution for your headache,


Copy Paste & Speed Share

Copy Paste :

All that you need to do that Once you sign in to Tynt you will get a separate Java script code where you need to install in to your Blogs or websites.

after that it will keep on watching your site so that you can track that how many time your content copied

not even that this script will add your site url by default to their copied content so that your url will be shown in their content as well.

Speed Share :

this is also like CopyPaste you need to add a Java script  in to your Blog or site so that people can see share buttons very quickly as soon as they are selecting your content


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