Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to change Favicon or Blogger Icon ?


What is Favicon ?   

While you are opening a Blogger  or any Blogspots you can find the Big “B” imageicon will be sitting in your title bar its is called Favicon.

Why you want to change this ?

some people want to make their BlogSpot to looks like website, in this scenario you need to change this first.

Okay let me jump to start the procedure,

Step 1 . You need to create a alternative icon to replace by using free online tool.

               FaviconGenerator (right click image and choose “Save image as”)

     upload your image (make sure you are uploading 256 X 256 resolution file so             that  you will  be getting good resolution icon.)

Step 2 .  Upload your favicon to the web

             Login in to Blogger account and choose your blog, go to layout you can see like below screenshot


            Edit Favicon and upload your new icon and don’t forget to save the settings.

You are all done.

Now check your blog you can see new icon sitting in your title bar.

Don’t wonder if its not reflecting suddenly just clear your Browser cookies and reopen your Browser

now you will be seeing the new icon.



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