Saturday, December 14, 2013

Stop Ads while using Facebook


I know you are really tired of annoying Advertisement while using facebook that's why you are here,

How to stop this thing?

If you are using chrome browser then here is the tweak,


Facebook AdBlock 

Just click the above link in chrome browser, add the extension to your chrome browser and Enjoy.

This Facebook AdBlock will remove the ads from your Facebook page, to leave you with clean Facebook pages.

- Install the Facebook AdBlock extension
- Go to & refresh the page
- That's it! No more annoying ads.

What's inside?
✔ Works on the new Facebook news feed layout
✔ Removes any type of ad on the side bars and public pages
✔ Blocks sponsored ads
✔ Keeps you free from annoying ads!

Don't forget to RATE  – ★★★★★ (Just help the Developer)

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