Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What are the risks in Pirated Windows ?


The risks and costs of obtaining and using pirated, or counterfeit, software are real, to individual customers and to organizations. Too frequently , counterfeit software is bundled with malicious and unwanted software that can lead to corrupted systems, lost data, and even identity theft. For example , an IDC report that was sponsored by Microsoft® in 2006 found that 25% of websites offering counterfeit software also attempted to install spyware, Trojans, and other malware that can compromise computer systems and environments.1

In organizations, counterfeit software can increase IT costs substantially. A Yankee Group study (sponsored by Microsoft) revealed that “when problems arise with counterfeit software, IT administrators typically require 20% to 30% more time and labor to identify and resolve the problems—at a monetary premium to the business.”2 And a 2008Harrison Group study (sponsored by Microsoft) concluded that “companies less committed to using genuine software are significantly more likely to have system failures that lead to lost critical data and employee downtime.”3

These security issues are compounded by the fact that only customers with genuine Microsoft software have access to updates and support from Microsoft and its partners.

Additionally, lost and compromised product keys, as well as non-compliant licensing, can result in increased costs from system reactivation, employee work interruptions, damaged reputations, or even costly financial penalties.

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Microsoft Genuine Software Initiative

In an effort to ensure that customers avoid the risks of using counterfeit and noncompliant software and experience all of the benefits of using genuine software , Microsoft launched the Microsoft Genuine Software Initiative (GSI). The GSI divides its increasing investments across three strategic areas: education , engineering, and enforcement.

Three Pillars of Microsoft GSI

Source : Microsoft

Please use Genuine Copy of Windows.

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