Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Simple file sharing between Windows & Android


I am a windows file share lover so was looking for the way to share the files between my windows PC and any android device like windows file share, I found it but how I can simply sit with out sharing with you (my friends).


Samba File sharing ( free )


Lets start the setup wizard

Note : your windows machine and android device should be in under the one AP / router

1. Install SambaFileSharing (samba client) in to your Android device (link is above).

2. open and set the password and username in SambaFileSharing settings and hit Enable button



   Note :- once you enable it is set to start on boot so this service always available(if you wish)

3. Goto your windows machine open RUN or Windows Explorer and type the \\”android-ip

     Note :  replace your android device ip in the place of “android-ip”


4. type your username & password while its asking for.., that’s all you all have your access to your phone.


No worries if you don’t have router but you have wifi in your laptop / PC

once you done with step 1 and 2 in above then follow the below steps before you goto step 3

2.1 Download connectify from here  and install as a Lite version (free)

2.2 start the connectify as a hotspot with your desired username and password.

      Note : once you done the above step 2.2 your laptop/PC will be act as wifi router /AP

2.3 you need to connect your android device to the new hotspot which is created by you in Windows PC

Now you good to go back to step 3 in above section


Feel free to ask me if you get in to any trouble.

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