Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fix :- Unable to download any files from any browsers on Win 7 / 8 / 8.1


Symptom 1

When you try to download something, it goes through the normal process of downloading it but when it's done, the file is nowhere to be found. 

Internet Explorer alleged that the file I was trying to download contained a virus .

Symptom 2.

When you try to download any file from any browsers it will simply shows the loading on top of the browser Tab no matter how long you wait it never download the file even all download manager also will fail to download.


Fix that worked for me.

Step 1. Downloaded Malwarebytes free edition.

Step 2. Installed & updated the database to the current one.

Step 3. ran full system scan & found 48 registry related errors / malwares.

Step 4. I set Quarantined to all 48 errors then it was asking me to reboot to complete the actions, I did.

Step 5. Open Internet Explorer –> Internet Options –> Advanced –> Reset.

Step 6. again rebooted my machine.

problem solved.

if still you faced the same please try to remove all your plug ins on your Browsers.

and I am here you to help if you need.

Enjoy !

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