Monday, November 10, 2014

Blade less Fans!!–Is it true ?


Blade is littlie bit risky and not easy to clean at all and sometimes dangerous too even we are living with that , just think a fan with out blades can give you the air which is efficient for you ? with rotating.

No / Yes ?  it is true. Yeah I am not kidding when I said to my friends they started to laugh at me few are not ready believe me at all.

that’s the reason I writing this post.

Who invented this ?



I got your next question the answers is below.

How it works ?


Features :-

    • 40W power consumption
    • 8600 RPS with no load
    • Air multiplier technology that amplifies the airflow
    • Saves energy: lower energy bills by up to 20%
    • Safe for children as there are no spinning blades
    • Engineered for improved sound quality, therefore quieter
    • No grilles or dusty blades, therefore easy to clean

Where to buy ?

it is available now in online stores (India / USA /UK / China)

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