Sunday, November 15, 2015

set up BgInfo for domain to display system information on wallpaper


I knew its well known and most wanted by IT Admins.just wanted to make the latest info on my post.

simple steps to make BgInfo to display all your system information on your desktop wallpaper. this post is for those who are in beginner level in server administrative.

BgInfo is a tool that will help you to display a system info in wallpaper but the point is how to make that happen in all the computers that you have in your network ?

that’s what we gonna see in this post.

Step 1 : Download BgInfo from here

Step 2 : Open the application the below green color board that you see is your design place , first select all and delete everything make it blank.

add what ever field that you would like to display : it can be added from right side “Fields” tab.


Step 3 : You can set the custom background using “Background” button

           use “Position” button to choose where exactly your information should display

           use “Desktops” button to choose the method to Update the current wallpaper with system info.

           use “Preview” button to see the sample view of your current configuration on BgInfo application.

Step 4 : Go to “File” and “Save As” the file save it with your desire name. (which will be saved with extension of “.bgi”)

Step 5 : Open “sysvol” folder incase you not sure how to open it follow below.

Example : my domain name is “” so I can simply open my domain sysvol folder like “\\\SYSVOL\\scripts”

Note : you should have admin access to place the files to here.

Step 6: simply open Notepad and type the below without quotes and save it <filename>.bat

“\\\SYSVOL\\scripts\Bginfo.exe \\\SYSVOL\\scripts\PRDBginfo.bgi /timer:0 /silent”

NOTE : replace with your domain and PRDBginfo.bgi with the file name that you saved using Bginfo application.

Step 7 : copy and place the 3 files into “sysvol” scripts folder in my case (\\\SYSVOL\\scripts).

            Bginfo.exe , PRDBginfo.bgi ( one you created in Step 4) and the bat file you created in Step 6.

Step 8 : Go to your Domain Controller open Group policy Management console either from MMC or run by typing “gpmc.msc”

Step 9 : Right Click your domain and choose “Create GPO in this domain,and Link it here” and name it “BGINFO” or per your wish.



Step 10 : right click newly created “BGINFO”  GPO and “Edit”

              Go to Computer Configuration => Windows Settings => Scripts =>Start up and click Add button and locate the bat file you placed in Step 7

then Click OK twice.



Step 11 : Now in left pane go to User Configuration => Windows Settings =>Scripts => Logon and click Add button and locate the bat file you placed in Step 7

then Click OK twice close the windows.

Now you can just log off and log in back and see the wallpaper which take effect on any machines in the domain which is member of the domain. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

How to repair Dual Boot entries in windows


Scenario :- I had 3 windows operating system installed on two disks accidentally two entries removed when i was in windows10 OS, when i reboot it did not give option to boot to other operating systems, simply booting into Windows 10

# I am not ready to install other OS again.

here are the simple steps that i followed to recreate it.

Step 1 Download EasyBCD freeware tool from here and install it.

Step 2 Open the installed EasyBCD under default “View Settings” you can see current boot entries.


Step 3 go to “Add New Entry”  choose “Type” Windows Vista/7/8/10.

then “Name” type OS name, then “Drive” choose the exact installed OS drive letter. Click “Add Entry”.


Choose “BCD Backup / Repair “ to take backup of settings before you do changes.

you are good to restart your PC to see your new entries.

email me for any issues.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fix - Google chrome address bar search not working



Many people have this problem with their chrome browser but solution is not easy to find out.

I love Chrome browser because of its speed but it needs to be improved in few areas like single tab opening when you open the chrome for first time.( workaround Foo Tab extension).

alright let me show you fix…,

Step 1    Open Chrome browser –> Settings –> Manage search engines


Step 2  add “” without quotes like the below format call it “Google2”



That’s it. no restart required. your address bar will start to search for you.

still issues ?  contact me

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stop auto play videos on Facebook account



most annoying feature that I never want to use on Facebook is auto play videos , even if you are in high bandwidth many times it is  creating  a lot of problems which really make you to frustrated.

I hope you also searching for that disable it , that’s why you are seeing this post.

its pretty simple thing.

Just login to Facebook in any browser then click the link below then you will see the below page.

Step 1 :

Step 2 : switch to “Off” in on the Auto play Videos also I change to SD only for video quality if you are in low bandwidth.

That’s it. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to remove OneDrive completely from Windows 10


This post obviously to remove OneDrive completely from Windows 10 even this method will work on recent builds.

First of all I really hate to have OneDrive within my PC for few reasons

1. I don’t know why but I frustrated all the time when I see it in my explorer

2. I don’t like this to be synced and sitting in background process.


Microsoft was allowed to remove manually in their older builds but it’s not possible with recent build so we found the manual method but you know its bit complicated so looking for the automated finally I got it from MELERIX from Microsoft forum who packaged all together to make it run very simple.

alright I talk to much for the simple steps, lets start it,

1. Download the bat file here

2. right click the downloaded .cmd file –> Run As Administrator

3. wait for the progress until you see Press any key on the black screen then press any key

4. Close all opened windows then open the explorer you should not see OneDrive icon anymore.


Thanks to MELERIX

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Windows 10 : How to remove previous installation files safely after an upgrade


I am righting this post to do remove the previous versions of windows 10 system files safely.

many of my friends who are all working as developers and into application development on windows 10 use to call me for the same even they knew sometime this is the procedure but they wanted to double check with me.

I am currently using Windows 10 build 10162 which is the most recent update from Microsoft.

Microsoft really showing good improvements in their recent build.

Many will face the space issue after you upgraded to the next build of windows 10 that lacking space on system drive. this is not only with 10 but it was with all the previous windows versions. still the procedure is same for all the versions I was asked to wright the one.


Note : Once you removed the previous installation files you will be not able to go back to previous build anymore so Please keep it in mind before you proceed the below steps.

here are the steps to remove :-

1. right click the windows 10 installed drive –> properties –> Disk cleanup –> Cleanup system files (see below images)

image  image

2. select “Previous windows installation(s) then Click Ok and wait for the removal

Note : Don’t worry about the below warning just hit Yes to clean.




write to me for any issues.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

One tab loading to speed up Chrome browser


I have already written a post to make the chrome to load faster by using “One Tab” Chrome extension.

there is an easy way with another extension that called FooTab which makes easier to make the Chrome browser to load faster at the time of start up.

Its automatically load the active tab which was opened at the time of closing the Chrome but restrict to load other tabs until you click that tab.

this feature is available on firefox built in.

Big thanks to goes to mike-sf-outlook who have published this on Sourceforge.

Install this from Chrome store or Sourceforge and enjoy!




Battery saver on LG G4 using Greenify without root


Today I would like to share my experience with LG G4 battery.

It has 3000 mAh battery with decent life even though QHD display but I wanted to make the battery to give some more life.


On Play store there are lot of battery saver / doctor apps available but Greenify stands out of the crowd.

1. Download the free Greenify from here.

2. Just open once you installed and follow my video.

Please feel free to write to me for any issues.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tap to lock on Nova launcher – LG G4


Do you want to replace your default launcher in LG G4 / any android knock to lock phone  with Nova as your launcher  ?

you end up with double tap lock not working , there is simple workaround that you can do it .


1. Download free Screen Off & Lock app from Playstore

2. Install then open for the first time to activate tap to screen off & lock.

3. go to Nova settings –> Gesture –> Double tap –> choose Screen Off from the wizard.

That's it.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Remove Unlock Boot loader warning : Moto E


This guide will help you to remove Unlocked boot loader warning in Boot screen of Moto E devices.

if you are trying this on other device you have to have valid boot logo file to flash otherwise I am not responsibility if you brick your phone.

# Make sure you have Moto E drivers installed on your Windows PC \ Laptop or you can download it from here

# Moto E logo file from here

# fastboot drivers from here

Lets start now.

1. Extract fastboot drivers zip in to a folder and open CMD as administrator then navigate to extracted folder like the below screen


2. extract Moto E logo zip file then copy the “logo.bin”  into fastboot extracted folder where the location of Step 1.

3. connect Moto E to PC / Laptop with USB Debugging option enabled

4. go back to Step 1 opened CMD and type “adb reboot bootloader” hit enter

5. Moto E will reboot then you will see fastboot screen

6. type “fastboot flash logo logo.bin” hit enter now you will see the below on your Moto E screen.


7. Now reboot to system by sending this following command “adb reboot system” hit enter


Now you should see the that the Unlocked warning message gone.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fix :- Gmail and other few SSL websites not working on Firefox


You might have noticed or came across the below error on Firefox especially when you tried to access Gmail and few others SSL sites.


I am going to share with you guys the fix that worked 100% for me so far.

as per my understanding this is happening almost when you are importing the bookmarks , cookies while you install Firefox.

alright lets talk about the simple fix.

1. Open Firefox then press “Ctrl + Shift + Del” or go to History from menu then choose Clear History

2. Choose Everything on the top then make sure you have checked the Cache & Cookies then hit Clear Now.



Once done just close and open the Firefox to see the different.

Edited : May 19 2015

According to Mozilla the recent update should fix this issue.


write to me if this is not works.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Unlock Moto E Boot loader


1 . Download Moto E Device manager and install for Drivers (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10) from here


2 . Download ADB & Fastboot Driver from here

3. Enable Developer options :

    Settings –> About phone –> hit the “Build number” until you see notification that says you are Developer

4. Open CMD as Administrative and go to the extracted ADB & Fast boot drivers folder like below


5. boot your Moto E to fast boot loader (press Volume UP + Down key + Power button and hold)  once you see fast boot screen connect to Computer / Laptop then type “ fastboot oem get_unlock_data “ then hit enter and you will see like below


6. copy all 5 lines of code into notepad and remove only spaces.

7. Login to Motorola site using Google account then on the 6th step paste the code which you made it ready on the above 6th step then click “Can my device be unlocked ?” the unlock key will be in your inbox in few minutes.


you will see errors if you still have spaces otherwise you can see “Request Key “ on the bottom of the page.

8. Go back to the CMD window that you have already opened in Step 4 then type “ fastboot oem unlock” UNIQUE_KEY

Note: UNIQUE_KEY – should be replaced with key that you received in your email from Motorola.

9. keep watch your Moto E screen that will reboot then show you the below screen that means you are completed Unlocking


Now you are good to flash any recoveries and custom roms.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to install FreeNAS 9 on VMware workstation


This setup will help you guys to those who really needs to improve his skills about storage with clustering.

I assume that you have basic knowledge to create a virtual machine in vmware workstation.

Download your free ISO copy from here

Note : do not bother about the system requirements which is mentioned on FreeNAS site as they are for high performance with all features.

Step 1: Create a virtual machine in below configuration.


Step 2: Add FreeNAS.ISO file into the newly created virtual machine’s CD/DVD (IDE) from the VM settings (see above image)

Step 3: PowerOn the VM and wait to see the below screen then Hit Enter or wait to autostart.


Step 3: Hit 1 to install


Step 4: Choose the available drive to install like below screen


Step 5: Hit YES to the warning like the below screen( you have nothing to loss in the new virtual disk)


Step 6: Set the password


Step 7:  sit back and relax until you see the below screen and reboot once you click Ok on the below.



Step 8 : Now for the first boot will take some time based on your configuration and finally you will see screen like below


Step 9: Now use IP from the step 8 and open it from any browser

Note : Username : root   Password : which you set during the installation.



Step 10: If you want to set a Static IP ofcourse you need it so go to “ Network “ Icon on Top row then “Interfaces”


“add Interface” like the below image only 3 fields is enough and save it. now you need to type new IP to access FreeNAS


Now you are good to proceed further to configure ISCSI or other services that you want.

Please write to me for queries.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

multiple remote / RDP sessions hack on Window 8.1


I bought high configuration PC to setup test lab , I done test lab but unfortunately i need to share the same pc with my friends through internet so that they can also utilize.

the default terminal access will not allow more than one concurrent connection so I had to patch my terminal dll file.

Thanks to Peter Kleissner, who wrote the code to patch the existing windows 8.1 machines.

How I did it?

Step 1  download the patched file from here 

Step 2  open “services.msc” from “Run” / “Search” then stop “Remote Desktop Services”

Step 3  Go to “C:\Windows\system32” and replace the termsrv.dll file which you have downloaded.

Step 4  Go back to services which you have opened in Step 2 then start the “Remote Desktop Services”

Note: You may need to patch every time after windows updates as few windows update will bring this dll back to original.

you can take remote (RDP) not only two but more than two RDP concurrently possible.

Please feel free to write to me for questions.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Windows 10 build 10041 is out


Microsoft reveled that Windows 10 will be out in this summer.

I am not sure how many of yours enjoying in windows 10 preview but so I am excited using it. many feature is out on the latest build.

my favorite is start menu transparent & Cortana improvements. i was needing this badly, Microsoft responded to my request.

currently its available through fast ring windows update.


credits to Microsoft for the above picture.

Yes you need to change your windows updates setting to fast ring to get this build.

Microsoft did not tell about the standalone ISO of this build yet. but I am expecting in few weeks.

Edited : Now you can download the latest build in ISO format from here

Improved  the Start experience

Improved to Virtual Desktops

Cortana is expanded into new markets on the desktop

New network fly-out from the taskbar

Enhancements to the Photos app

New Text Input Canvas

Experimenting with the Lock screen


you can also read about features & improvements in detail from the following Microsoft source

Monday, March 9, 2015

How to fix 99% Disk usage on Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10


Did you ever notice that your Windows 8 laptop / machines will start to eat your disk with 99% usage as soon as you login ?

well, when I installed windows 8 for the first time on my laptop I started to dig about the features and excited to make use of it after few months ago I realized that some kind of laggings at the time when i sign in to my laptop but after couple of mins i could feel the speed.

I could not control myself , so started to troubleshooting, task manager shows that my disk utilization nearly 99% while I am watching it came back to around 28% in couple of mins

I faced the same problem on Win 8 , 8.1 and 10 preview build too. blaming 10 it is not worthy as it is still in building stage.



before I try few things I decided to go to Microsoft but unfortunately there was no response on the forum.

Google took me to the many forums that talks about the same issue and endup with disabling services.

Yes I just disabled superfetch service and disabled the auto page file.

What is Superfetch ?

SuperFetch is a technology in Windows operating systems that automatically preloads commonly used application into the computer memory which in return greatly reduces their loading times. The purpose of SuperFetch is to increase the performance of the PC during regular tasks performed by the user.

How to disable this ?

goto RUN and type “services.msc” –> scroll down to “superfetch” –> properties –> disabled –> stop—>apply—> Ok

WIndows 8 Services Superfetch

How to stop Auto Paging file ?

Open Computer –> Properties –> Advanced System Settings –>Advanced—> Settings on Performance section


again Advanced on the new window –> Change

Uncheck the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers”.

Click “SET” then Ok for all rest of the windows / wizards.  reboot at last.


Now my windows 8 /8.1 /10  running better than before.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to remove Windows 10 preview build watermark


let me come straight to the point, yeah I hate seeing the build & preview watermark on my windows 10 desktop

I removed in the same way on Windows 8.1

You can download very tiny tool from here / here

Open the tiny exe file as Administrator



will take few seconds to open then just click the “Remove all watermark” and apply new settings

will ask to reboot

just reboot without second thoughts

You will see the magic once you have rebooted.


Enjoy !

Please let me know if you are get in to trouble.

Lollipop for N7000 Note I


I have been testing two lollipop custom roms on my old Note I.

1. NightOwl

2. Resurrection :

both are doing very well.

I would thanks to Bauner & varund7726 for giving the life to our old Note I

both roms are based on CM12

so CM12 bugs will be there until it is fixed from CM

I already posted about the Resurrection Remix rom now I would like to share the Installation details of NightOWL


1. Copy Rom + Google Apps to your device.
2. Boot into recovery
3  Factory Reset (Recommended to avoid any FC or bootloops)
4. Flash the Rom and Gapps.
5. Reboot

this stock kernel supports trim otherwise you can use Raw9



Please revert to me if you need assistance if any .

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to add Active directory to vCenter


This tutorial will guide you to join vCenter with AD so that you can login with accounts that are available in AD.

I am using vCenter 5.5 version on my test lab.

I guess you don’t have any difficulties on Simple installation of vCenter Server in windows machine

also I assume that you have checked the option called “windows authentication”  while installing vCenter server.

make sure vsphere web client is working on the local machine(vCenter Server installed machine) by opening the below url


if you are able to see the below screen then you are good to proceed.



use default user name to manage the vCenter

User Name : administrator@vsphere.local

password : the one you given at the time of vCenter installation.

Step 1: go to Administration


Step 2 :  Configuration –> Identity Sources—> click the green Plus symbol


Step 3 :  then choose “Active Directory(Integrated Windows Authentication) click Ok.

Note : now you just enable the AD authentication. you have to add the AD Groups in next steps.


Step 4 : Click the vCenter from left pane again you have to click the another vCenter tab which will come after that now you will see number of vCenter servers that are available in your network.

select the vCenter name –> manage –> permissions –> Green plus symbol to add the users from AD.


Step 5 : choose the type role that you want under the “ Assigned Role “ then “Add” left side of the same window

now you will see the other window which shows your Domain name and groups / users which are available in AD.

choose the Group / User that you want to give the permission.


Now you are done.

Just logout then try with your AD User name with password.

any issues ? email me.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Fix – VMware workstation 10 on win 8.1 for “not enough physical memory”



If you are getting “not enough physical memory” error like the below screenshot when you start the virtual machine ? well here is the simple fix which is recommended by vmware.




Go to Control Panel –> Program and features—> Uninstall Program –> View Installed Updates (right panel)

--> sear for this update “KB2995388”  and remove it .

Restart is optional


thats all.   Now you can simply start the virtual machine with no problems.