Thursday, January 22, 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 Jan 2015 Event Highlights


I am really expecting lot from Microsoft in Windows10 and I am sure they are working hard to help / impress us (Windows lovers).

I am excited about 4 things in this event

1 Cortana ( talk to the device)

2 Spartan (New web browser)

3 Surface HUB (for meetings in corporate office)

4 Hologram studio definitely Google gonna feel shame on its Glass (Virtual reality comes true)

Overall intro for top features :-

Here are the few things that I would like to highlights in base Windows 10 operating system

* Microsoft announced that Windows 10 free for first year.

* Updated Action Center from Right side pane.

* Notification area with Image support.

* Control Panel got New UI.

* Auto enter Tablet mode once your remove Keyboard and Mouse.

* Improved multi tasking. 

* Cortana Improved lot for PC (Unique) ,Tablet  and Mobile devices with search support.

* Action Center Synched up with PC.

* Settings UI designed same for all devices.

* Keypad on the phone can be swipe to left or right side to make it easier for one hand use.

* SMS / Skype merged to be have good experience.

* office got new designed with improved touch experience.

* outlook app / calendar will be the universal for PC,Tablet and Phones

* New Browser called Spartan ( you can write on the page by pen or fingers) can be copied to anything.

    -  Reading mode and list ( Universal device)

    -  Auto results pop ups like Google’s

    -  MAP Integrated with Cortana


Watch Full Microsoft Live Event by CNET :-

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