Thursday, January 22, 2015

WhatsApp on PC – It’s official now..,


I have been using many tricks to use whatsapp on my PC but the day has came, yeah no more tricks required

to install / use whatsapp on PC.

Whatsapp company has launched web interface where people can use it on PC but sadly not for Apple users.

Updated : now supports Firefox,Chrome,Opera

currently its running only on Google Chrome browser soon it will be available for other browsers too.


How to use it ?

it can be done in few easy steps

Note : You should be updated to latest WhatsApp from Play store.

Step 1 :  Go to on your chrome browser

Step 2 :  open your WhatsApp on your phone then click 3 dots button on top right choose “WhatsApp Web”

Step 3 : Capture the Image which is showing on your chrome browser

You all set !!! you will see like the below.

 image image

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