Sunday, April 12, 2015

multiple remote / RDP sessions hack on Window 8.1


I bought high configuration PC to setup test lab , I done test lab but unfortunately i need to share the same pc with my friends through internet so that they can also utilize.

the default terminal access will not allow more than one concurrent connection so I had to patch my terminal dll file.

Thanks to Peter Kleissner, who wrote the code to patch the existing windows 8.1 machines.

How I did it?

Step 1  download the patched file from here 

Step 2  open “services.msc” from “Run” / “Search” then stop “Remote Desktop Services”

Step 3  Go to “C:\Windows\system32” and replace the termsrv.dll file which you have downloaded.

Step 4  Go back to services which you have opened in Step 2 then start the “Remote Desktop Services”

Note: You may need to patch every time after windows updates as few windows update will bring this dll back to original.

you can take remote (RDP) not only two but more than two RDP concurrently possible.

Please feel free to write to me for questions.


Trevor C. Owens said...

Does anyone have an missing msvcr71.dll object error? It seems like I've done all steps the right way, however I faced an issue. The friend of my told me to download a new dll file at and try it again. I just want to ask if someone had this experience?

Clement Santhosh said...

msvcr71.dll object error may happen due to problem with MSVC++ redistributable removal / install.

Just download fresh one from dll site and place it C:\windwos\system32