Monday, May 18, 2015

Remove Unlock Boot loader warning : Moto E


This guide will help you to remove Unlocked boot loader warning in Boot screen of Moto E devices.

if you are trying this on other device you have to have valid boot logo file to flash otherwise I am not responsibility if you brick your phone.

# Make sure you have Moto E drivers installed on your Windows PC \ Laptop or you can download it from here

# Moto E logo file from here

# fastboot drivers from here

Lets start now.

1. Extract fastboot drivers zip in to a folder and open CMD as administrator then navigate to extracted folder like the below screen


2. extract Moto E logo zip file then copy the “logo.bin”  into fastboot extracted folder where the location of Step 1.

3. connect Moto E to PC / Laptop with USB Debugging option enabled

4. go back to Step 1 opened CMD and type “adb reboot bootloader” hit enter

5. Moto E will reboot then you will see fastboot screen

6. type “fastboot flash logo logo.bin” hit enter now you will see the below on your Moto E screen.


7. Now reboot to system by sending this following command “adb reboot system” hit enter


Now you should see the that the Unlocked warning message gone.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fix :- Gmail and other few SSL websites not working on Firefox


You might have noticed or came across the below error on Firefox especially when you tried to access Gmail and few others SSL sites.


I am going to share with you guys the fix that worked 100% for me so far.

as per my understanding this is happening almost when you are importing the bookmarks , cookies while you install Firefox.

alright lets talk about the simple fix.

1. Open Firefox then press “Ctrl + Shift + Del” or go to History from menu then choose Clear History

2. Choose Everything on the top then make sure you have checked the Cache & Cookies then hit Clear Now.



Once done just close and open the Firefox to see the different.

Edited : May 19 2015

According to Mozilla the recent update should fix this issue.


write to me if this is not works.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Unlock Moto E Boot loader


1 . Download Moto E Device manager and install for Drivers (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10) from here


2 . Download ADB & Fastboot Driver from here

3. Enable Developer options :

    Settings –> About phone –> hit the “Build number” until you see notification that says you are Developer

4. Open CMD as Administrative and go to the extracted ADB & Fast boot drivers folder like below


5. boot your Moto E to fast boot loader (press Volume UP + Down key + Power button and hold)  once you see fast boot screen connect to Computer / Laptop then type “ fastboot oem get_unlock_data “ then hit enter and you will see like below


6. copy all 5 lines of code into notepad and remove only spaces.

7. Login to Motorola site using Google account then on the 6th step paste the code which you made it ready on the above 6th step then click “Can my device be unlocked ?” the unlock key will be in your inbox in few minutes.


you will see errors if you still have spaces otherwise you can see “Request Key “ on the bottom of the page.

8. Go back to the CMD window that you have already opened in Step 4 then type “ fastboot oem unlock” UNIQUE_KEY

Note: UNIQUE_KEY – should be replaced with key that you received in your email from Motorola.

9. keep watch your Moto E screen that will reboot then show you the below screen that means you are completed Unlocking


Now you are good to flash any recoveries and custom roms.