Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to remove OneDrive completely from Windows 10


This post obviously to remove OneDrive completely from Windows 10 even this method will work on recent builds.

First of all I really hate to have OneDrive within my PC for few reasons

1. I don’t know why but I frustrated all the time when I see it in my explorer

2. I don’t like this to be synced and sitting in background process.


Microsoft was allowed to remove manually in their older builds but it’s not possible with recent build so we found the manual method but you know its bit complicated so looking for the automated finally I got it from MELERIX from Microsoft forum who packaged all together to make it run very simple.

alright I talk to much for the simple steps, lets start it,

1. Download the bat file here

2. right click the downloaded .cmd file –> Run As Administrator

3. wait for the progress until you see Press any key on the black screen then press any key

4. Close all opened windows then open the explorer you should not see OneDrive icon anymore.


Thanks to MELERIX

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Windows 10 : How to remove previous installation files safely after an upgrade


I am righting this post to do remove the previous versions of windows 10 system files safely.

many of my friends who are all working as developers and into application development on windows 10 use to call me for the same even they knew sometime this is the procedure but they wanted to double check with me.

I am currently using Windows 10 build 10162 which is the most recent update from Microsoft.

Microsoft really showing good improvements in their recent build.

Many will face the space issue after you upgraded to the next build of windows 10 that lacking space on system drive. this is not only with 10 but it was with all the previous windows versions. still the procedure is same for all the versions I was asked to wright the one.


Note : Once you removed the previous installation files you will be not able to go back to previous build anymore so Please keep it in mind before you proceed the below steps.

here are the steps to remove :-

1. right click the windows 10 installed drive –> properties –> Disk cleanup –> Cleanup system files (see below images)

image  image

2. select “Previous windows installation(s) then Click Ok and wait for the removal

Note : Don’t worry about the below warning just hit Yes to clean.




write to me for any issues.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

One tab loading to speed up Chrome browser


I have already written a post to make the chrome to load faster by using “One Tab” Chrome extension.

there is an easy way with another extension that called FooTab which makes easier to make the Chrome browser to load faster at the time of start up.

Its automatically load the active tab which was opened at the time of closing the Chrome but restrict to load other tabs until you click that tab.

this feature is available on firefox built in.

Big thanks to goes to mike-sf-outlook who have published this on Sourceforge.

Install this from Chrome store or Sourceforge and enjoy!




Battery saver on LG G4 using Greenify without root


Today I would like to share my experience with LG G4 battery.

It has 3000 mAh battery with decent life even though QHD display but I wanted to make the battery to give some more life.


On Play store there are lot of battery saver / doctor apps available but Greenify stands out of the crowd.

1. Download the free Greenify from here.

2. Just open once you installed and follow my video.

Please feel free to write to me for any issues.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tap to lock on Nova launcher – LG G4


Do you want to replace your default launcher in LG G4 / any android knock to lock phone  with Nova as your launcher  ?

you end up with double tap lock not working , there is simple workaround that you can do it .


1. Download free Screen Off & Lock app from Playstore

2. Install then open for the first time to activate tap to screen off & lock.

3. go to Nova settings –> Gesture –> Double tap –> choose Screen Off from the wizard.

That's it.