Saturday, November 14, 2015

How to repair Dual Boot entries in windows


Scenario :- I had 3 windows operating system installed on two disks accidentally two entries removed when i was in windows10 OS, when i reboot it did not give option to boot to other operating systems, simply booting into Windows 10

# I am not ready to install other OS again.

here are the simple steps that i followed to recreate it.

Step 1 Download EasyBCD freeware tool from here and install it.

Step 2 Open the installed EasyBCD under default “View Settings” you can see current boot entries.


Step 3 go to “Add New Entry”  choose “Type” Windows Vista/7/8/10.

then “Name” type OS name, then “Drive” choose the exact installed OS drive letter. Click “Add Entry”.


Choose “BCD Backup / Repair “ to take backup of settings before you do changes.

you are good to restart your PC to see your new entries.

email me for any issues.

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