Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fix - "Windows cannot find the Microsoft software license terms"

Usually this error will popup when you are trying to install a ISO in VMware workstation or Virtual Box and it wont let you install the OS.


to fix this , simple answer is you have to avoid express installs feature in Vmware workstation or Virtual Box.

if you want the resolution in detail, Please follow the steps.

1.  you have to create a New Virtual Machine from the VMware workstation and choose the below marked option which will allow you to install OS later.


2. Keep clicking next until you see the below option and click the “Customize Hardware”



3.  then you have to select CD/DVD option and choose ISO image file as you see below then Finish.

        now you start the virtual machine and get succeed.


Comment me for any clarifications or corrections.

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Kevin Miller said...

I had this error for a very long period of time, but then suddenly and accidentally I fixed it somehow. Maybe its because I started to use Yep! Download that has only the best and reliable applications.